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The Scorpio is our all-in-one solution for the utility location surveys or any other investigation that requires shallow depth investigations. The unit is the combination of several our top of the line products: the control unit Akula 9000, the new GSH4921 survey cart, one of our shallow depth antennas at your choice and our powerful collection and post processing software package. This unit is targeted for applications such as:

Utility detection and mapping
Void detection and location
Environmental damage location
Forensic investigations



When ordering the Scorpio the customer has the opportunity to choose among several antennas to be able to tailor the utility kit to suit best the particular needs for the applications they do most. We offer several antennas at the moment and the amount of models to choose from is expanding quickly; ground coupled antennas and air launched antennas are available to complete the kit. This modular design and the availability of fully interchangeable parts reduces the customer's costs for upgrades and improvements.

What are the advantages anyway?

The Scorpio is equipped with the Akula 9000 control unit and therefore offers a functionality not available from any other unit of this class. GPS direct integration with the data, antenna recognition, concurrent data collection and data acquisition, extremely user friendly interface and many more that can be explored only by a live demo of the unit.

The Scorpio ships as default with a netbook that has all the required software pre-installed at no cost. However, for those customers who need the maximum performance laptops Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 and rugged tablet pc iTMC PC8404-A are available as an option.

Several other optional items are available to increase the value and the versatility of this unit, high capacity batteries, direction pointers for 3D grids, powerful post-processing software, 3D modules to mention just a few.

How to know exactly where are the targets?

The Scorpio has a set of tools for finding your targets accurately on the site and the depth to them. The embedded hyperbola fitting tool in GAS allows for precise determination of the bulk dielectric constant of the layer under investigation. When passing over a target the hyperbola appears in your screen, moving back the cart will start the back up cursor and when the cursor is right on top of the hyperbola apex then you'll know the center of the antenna is exactly on top or your target.

Can it use other antennas?

This is one of the strengths of the Akula 9000, it can be used with a wide variety of antennas, from ground coupled antennas to borehole antennas. However, the Scorpio is a system dedicated to the infrastructure specialist, archaeologists, forensics etc. Meaning that the range of antennas that are offered with this system are the ones best suited for these tasks. We offer a choice from the following antennas: The ground coupled GCB-100, GCB-200, GCB-300, GCB-400, GCB-500 and GCB-700. The best of all of this is that independently of the antenna you choose the price for the unit stays the same!
The Scorpio comes complete with:

Generic Netbook with GAS™ and
GPRSoft™Std edition installed

One antenna of your choice from the series
of ground coupled antennas GCB-100,
GCB-200, GCB-300,GCB-400,
GCB-500 or GCB-700

One Scorpio cart

One control cable 6 meters and one survey wheel cable

One lead acid battery 7A/h in its own pouch

One charger for the lead acid battery, and,

One suitcase for the Akula 9000 and cables


Akula 9000
Analogue Bandwidth 10MHz to 1400MHz
Range 32 to 1021ns in 1ns Steps
Filters IIR, FIR, FFT, Stacking, Background Removal, Dewow
Gain -20 to +60dB with 6 points
Software GAS™ and GPRSoft™ Std
Power Comsumption 7 Watts
Temperature -20 to +40°C
Humidity 96% non condensing
Size and Weight Depends on antenna selected


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